Bujinkan Roselle Dojo| Free Training Guide

Dear Reader:

It is my hope that my students find this manual useful

as well as a guide for their training. It was created to serve as a

personal record of a students’ journey towards a black belt in the

Bujinkan. It stemmed from my need and desire, to ensure the

students of the Bujinkan Roselle Dojo receive the core instruction

needed for shodan. I am sharing this free ebook in order help other dojos, instructors and students, with this information as well.

It is entirely up to the reader to make use of it as they see fit. My

hope is that it helps as a guide.

Any mistakes, mistranslations, errors, and omissions are

entirely my fault. Please feel free to share this book, but please

share it in its entirety.

All the articles in this book have been written by me over

the years, and as I keep travel along my own path, my ideas about

budo may change. Nothing is permanent, everything changes I

am not the same budoka I was when I was sixteen years old and

when I began my journey in the Bujinkan, nor is anyone reading

this. The changes we make are a part of our journey.

I welcome comments, and discussions about this book and

Budo in general, so please feel free to contact me, or I will see you

on the Tatami sooner or later. As always good luck with training.



Robert J. Hartung III | Bujinkan Roselle Dojo-cho

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